Demo Samples

Demonstrations Bauteil Demonstrations Bauteil
Demonstrations Bauteil Demonstrations Bauteil
Demonstrator 2,5 mm AL 6xxxx Demonstrations Bauteil Section 1,5 mm AL 6063 in comparison to the tubular blank Demonstrations Bauteil Section 3 mm AL 6063

Our Demonstration Project

The demonstration project shown highlights the broad range of HEATforming's capabilities. Many customer projects cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality requirements, so this example shape was created to showcase the feasibility of one step forming for many difficult geometries and transitions in one convenient product example. Most products never approach this level of complexity and surface combination.

In a single forming step, we proudly show you the diverse degree of complexity that HEATforming can handle in creating shapes from basic tubes and blanks. For instance, the thread - one of the master parts of many formed components - represents a major challenge, because it can impede the feed of material into the dome/ball area. Another challenge is the considerable elongation of the material during the forming process. Depending on this shape's dome height, HEATform is capable of single step forming degrees in excess of 220%.

In this demonstration project, we put different different metals - and their alloys - in varying wall thicknesses to the test further illustrating the flexibility of our unique process.

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Demonstrations Bauteil Longitudinal section of 2.5 mm (left) and 1.5 mm (right); AL 6063
Demonstrations Bauteil Shaping ability of a welding joint with a forming tube initially 3 mm thick
Demonstrations Bauteil Formed demonstration model measuring 3 mm
Demonstrations Bauteil Demonstration model in 1.4509 stainless steel. 2mm initial wall thickness.